Nov. 4th, 2013

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✉ Player Info
Name: Snarky
Player Journal: N/A
Contact: plurk or aim at sargentsnarky
Other characters already at University: NONE YET BUT JUST YOU WAIT

✉ Character Info
Name: Professor Hojo
Canon: Final Fantasy VII
Age: IT IS A MYSTERY (somewhere in his 50s ... probably)
Subject/Staff Position: Head of the Biology department, teaches genetics, advanced biochemistry and/or various graduate level courses. Grudgingly. He's really just here for the research.

History: Professor Hojo has been working at this university for quite some time and has risen the ranks to head of the Biology Department, where he spends most of his time focusing on his research and having TAs teach his classes for him. It is questionable whether or not this was due to merit or whether a series of unfortunate lab accidents forced a number of other professors into early retirement some years ago...

He speaks very little about his personal life and generally despises students, particularly undergraduates, so it is a wonder why he is even teaching at all. Many speculate that his sadistic nature is what keeps him here, where he derives a great deal of secret delight out of tormenting young people in revenge for the teasing he undoubtedly endured as a gawky, nerdy child with a sour disposition. He would, of course, deny this - and rightly so. No one has ever bullied him twice. At least... no one who has lived to tell the tale...

He can on occasion be unexpectedly nice to his TAs and Graduate Assistants, but usually only once he has them trained up to his exacting unreasonable standards of perfection.


Canon: MAD SCIENCE!!!!!

AU'd: MAD SCIENCE MINUS THE LIFESTREAM AND JENOVA STUFF... here he just really likes playing around with genetics and mutagens and ... yeah basically he probably does stuff on the side for this world's version of the Umbrella Corporation or something.

Network sample: man just go look at my legit app for Ruby City or something

Cover Letter Sign posted on the door to the main lab he uses:


Please refrain from touching the lab equipment without proper authorization and my express permission. The last undergraduate unfortunate enough to do so is now one of the star attractions at a local freak show due to his growth of two extra heads and five tentacles in place of an arm that was tragically melted off.

In addition, do not venture into the specimen containment area unaccompanied by me or another authorized professor or TA. If by some chance you survive your encounter with what lies within, you will be required to spend a minimum of 50 community volunteer hours assisting the janitorial staff in scraping other less fortunate remains off the walls.

- Professor Hojo

Additional Notes:


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