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✉ Player Info
Name: Snarky
Player Journal: N/A
Contact: plurk or aim at sargentsnarky
Other characters already at University: NONE YET BUT JUST YOU WAIT

✉ Character Info
Name: Professor Hojo
Canon: Final Fantasy VII
Age: IT IS A MYSTERY (somewhere in his 50s ... probably)
Subject/Staff Position: Head of the Biology department, teaches genetics, advanced biochemistry and/or various graduate level courses. Grudgingly. He's really just here for the research.

History: Professor Hojo has been working at this university for quite some time and has risen the ranks to head of the Biology Department, where he spends most of his time focusing on his research and having TAs teach his classes for him. It is questionable whether or not this was due to merit or whether a series of unfortunate lab accidents forced a number of other professors into early retirement some years ago...

He speaks very little about his personal life and generally despises students, particularly undergraduates, so it is a wonder why he is even teaching at all. Many speculate that his sadistic nature is what keeps him here, where he derives a great deal of secret delight out of tormenting young people in revenge for the teasing he undoubtedly endured as a gawky, nerdy child with a sour disposition. He would, of course, deny this - and rightly so. No one has ever bullied him twice. At least... no one who has lived to tell the tale...

He can on occasion be unexpectedly nice to his TAs and Graduate Assistants, but usually only once he has them trained up to his exacting unreasonable standards of perfection.


Canon: MAD SCIENCE!!!!!

AU'd: MAD SCIENCE MINUS THE LIFESTREAM AND JENOVA STUFF... here he just really likes playing around with genetics and mutagens and ... yeah basically he probably does stuff on the side for this world's version of the Umbrella Corporation or something.

Network sample: man just go look at my legit app for Ruby City or something

Cover Letter Sign posted on the door to the main lab he uses:


Please refrain from touching the lab equipment without proper authorization and my express permission. The last undergraduate unfortunate enough to do so is now one of the star attractions at a local freak show due to his growth of two extra heads and five tentacles in place of an arm that was tragically melted off.

In addition, do not venture into the specimen containment area unaccompanied by me or another authorized professor or TA. If by some chance you survive your encounter with what lies within, you will be required to spend a minimum of 50 community volunteer hours assisting the janitorial staff in scraping other less fortunate remains off the walls.

- Professor Hojo

Additional Notes:
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thread 1 :: pointless first meeting that serves only to pass the time

This world has almost no taste in who it drags in.

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thread 1 :: Elena is certainly dutiful

Well, it is refreshing to find at least one semi-competent individual here before him...

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thread 1 :: introductions and information!

Color him surprised. Someone kind and competent to give him information instead of merely sass! ... he doesn't dislike this young lady, even if her medical knowledge could probably be improved.

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thread 1 :: ... Hojo doesn't like robots, but at least this one is informative

... robots... :[ Still this one might be interesting...

[personal profile] eyestothesky | Tolerable Robot | ???
thread 1 :: ... Hojo doesn't like robots, but at least this one is informative

... robots... :[ Still this one might be interesting...
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Age: 23
Personal Journal: n/a
E-mail: marshmallowdragon at gmail dot com
AIM/MSN/etc: sargentsnarky on AIM and plurk

Name: Professor Hojo (it is unknown whether Hojo is his first or last name; I headcanon it is his surname)
Canon:Final Fantasy VII
Age: late middle age; no canon age, but I put him at around 60.
Timeline: Shortly after he hands his resignation letter in to ShinRa and heads off to Costa del Sol for his retirement


Professor Hojo is a real piece of work. He is an arrogant, egotistical, condescending, sadistic, snide man who knows he's a genius and - even worse - can back that up with his impressive resume. He thinks his experiments are superior, as well - and if this gets disproved, he gets annoyed. However, generally this annoyance is short lived as he will in short order devise a new hypothesis or a new way to conduct and alter the experiment so that it is successful in the future. He is always striving forward with curiosity about how to create even better creatures and so on. Nevertheless, although he is generally calm, cold and analytical with a side of black humor and sarcasm, he can have a bit of a temper from time to time. There is a reason people are afraid of him, after all...

A large portion of that reason, however, is that he lacks ethics. As far as he is concerned, the ends justify the means, and he has a very narrow focus on those ends to the exclusion of other things. What are human rights? What are morals? They are something completely unnecessary - the only standard by which he measures things is science! the success (or lack thereof) of experiments. He has no qualms about even going so far as to experiment on his unborn son or later on himself to further his own theories. He really doesn't care about other people, aside from possibly having once cared about his wife in some measure (we only see a couple glimpses of his relationship with Lucrecia in flashbacks, but based on their respective personalities, I headcanon that their marriage was volatile but united by their mutual love of science and desire to really further their own theories and research) and aside from (twistedly) caring about his son - his ultimate experiment. (Another rocky relationship; Sephiroth is unaware that Hojo is his father and holds him in contempt. Nonetheless, Hojo does what he can to help Sephiroth become the ultimate being).

Really, though, the best way to sum him up is the archetypical mad scientist. An insane, off-kilter genius with a passion for monsters and creating powerful beings and a disconnect with reality. He does at time mumble to himself, rambling on about his theories and projects, and he never even bothers to learn most peoples names, tending instead to call them test subjects - or, in Cloud's case, test failures. And importantly... when it comes to everything he's done, he has (almost) no regrets.

It is important to also note that he can be charming and polite when he chooses to be. He seems to be unexpectedly popular with the ladies, as can be seen when the party encounters him on the beach just after the canon point I'm pulling him from. He is surrounded by several fawning young women. It's just... most of the time, he's impatient and focused on his work and therefore doesn't bother with social niceties.

At the canon point I am pulling him from, however, he has temporarily retired. He does not like the new head of the corporation that funds him, so he has handed in his resignation and headed off to a sunny beach-side resort town for his retirement...

Background: Professor Hojo's Entry on a wiki

Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths: SCIENCE. Especially mad science. He is very intelligent and also very talented at creating twisted monsters. Based on his canon experiments and monsters, it can be presumed that his areas of knowledge include: genetics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, surgery, neurosurgery, lifestream/mako studies and more. He is an expert at creating monsters. Also, he knows his way around technology and computers. He knows enough to be able to upload himself onto the internet before his body dies. Somehow. Don't ask how this is possible. He comes from a world where they figure out how to use soul energy to generate electricity. It's best not to ask questions...

Anyway, emotionally he is very confident and seems incapable of fear. Or well, if he ever is afraid, he's very good at hiding it with his solid brick wall of over confidence. He never has any regrets.

Also - and this is headcanon, mind you - he is ... somewhat physically enhanced. Due to his prolonged experimentation with Mako and other things, it's very likely he's had significant exposure to it. However, Hojo is strong willed - strong willed enough, in fact, that he could most certainly withstand the exposure without developing mako poisoning. This gives him greater than expected strength and endurance for a man of his age and slenderness as well as enhanced healing. Also, I wouldn't put it past him to have deliberately enhanced himself to thus render himself better able to carry out his experiments - after all, completing his experiments and proving his theories correct are his main goals in life.

Weaknesses: He is arrogant, over-confident and looks down on just about everyone. He is condescending and often very much an asshole to people. Oh, he seems to be able to be nice and charming, in his own way, when he wants to be (as evidenced by his ability to pick up girls on the beach despite being a middle aged man in a lab coat, who tends to hunch when he walks), but he much prefers to be an ass.

Also he is most certainly insane. Often he doesn't pay much attention to things that aren't immediately his concern because he's lost in his own thoughts. He rambles to himself and often is quite out of touch with reality. Sometimes this appears to be something he affects for his own reasons but other times it is entirely genuine - he really is that out of sync with reality. He's really just interested in proving his theories and in researching things that interest him - like how to create the strongest monster and helping to make Sephiroth into the ultimate being.

Which leads us into another weakness of his - Sephiroth. Hojo is willing to sacrifice just about everything else for the purpose of seeing his son greatest experiment reach his peak.

Abilities: MAD SCIENCE.
He is very good at science. He has very steady hands and is very good at delicate surgery. Good at screwing around with alien substances, magic, liquid souls and terrifying surgery to create monsters! ... but he's also a competent medical doctor with a focus on biochemistry and surgery. Also he knows programming and knows his way around computers - he can generate complex simulations of powerful monsters and also upload his mind to the internet somehow...

Also, like everyone from his world, he is capable of using materia for magic.

First Person:
[ When the feed clicks on, it is focused on Hojo's face - and for better or worse, he's smiling. At least... his lips are. His eyes - somewhat obscured behind glinting glasses - are cold. ]

I am in need of several... test subjects. [ His tone is pleasant, but the pause is a little ominous. ]

I have been experimenting with breeding more useful versions of the monsters outside the city, and now I need some assistance in assessing their abilities.

Serious applicants only. There may, after all, be some risk to specimens.

Third Person:

Hojo adjusted his glasses as he peered down at the pocket watch-like device he had found in his pocket upon exiting the train. He wasn't quite sure how he had wound up in this unfamiliar city instead of Costa del Sol where he had intended to wind up, and it seemed like the watch would be his first clue. However, he quickly changed his line of thinking as he clicked it open to find that it was nothing at all like a watch. Intrigued, he smirked just a little and ambled over to a nearby bench where there was better lighting from a street lamp.

Although he was mildly disappointed that the watch (no, not a watch - something else, but he didn't have a name for it yet.... device, perhaps) provided no clues to origin or function (and thus no clue about where he was), he was certainly interested in the various buttons and the screen. It took only a little bit of experimentation to figure out how to turn it on, and from there it began to make a little more sense. He played around with it a little, eventually discovering how to scroll back through past entries and possibly making an accidental brief broadcast himself.

"Interesting... broadcast device... messaging board system, perhaps? But why no markings? ... power source." He began to mutter to himself as he turned it off again and turned it over to examine its construction. "... I must find a hardware shop..."

And with that, he snapped it shut and slipped it into his pocket again before finally beginning to pay a little more attention to his surroundings - if only so he could find someplace that sold drills.

[[ ETA: fixed a typo and finished a sentence I had for some reason left unfinished. ]]
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How am I doing?

Please leave any feedback you have on my playing of Professor Hojo here!
I promise I won't experiment on you for it. ;D

Comments screened.
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Player's Name:Snarky
Contact info: sargentsnarky on AIM and plurk
DW: jackalope

Character:Professor Hojo
Canon: Final Fantasy VII
Version: Video Game
Canon Point:
Gender: Male




Weaknesses: TOO MUCH SCIENCE!!!

Mundane Strengths/Abilities: SCIENCE!!!!

Sensitivity/Magical Ability: MORE SCIENCE!!!!

Supply List: TOOLS OF SCIENCE!!!


Sample RP post:


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